Ilan and Asaf Ramon International airport (ICAO: LLER) was a new Israeli airport opened in 2019 to replace the old Eilat Airport and Ovda Airport for passenger transport, and to operate as an alternate destination for Ben Gurion Airport, instead of Cyprus, Larnaca airport. The airport was named after Ilan Ramon(1954-2003, Israel’s first astronaut killed in the Colombia space shuttle disaster in 2003) and Asaf Ramon, his son (1988-2009, killed in an F-16 crash while in training).

This is an all-new airport that isn’t based on WWII-era RAF layout of airports like most of the airports in Israel. It has one runway 01/19 with a length of 3,600m capable of handling a 747.

We’ve reported this airport by FTXDES before. After several months’ hard work, They brought this accurate replica, with detailed terminal and the control tower, 3D model of the ground mesh including the rain drain trenches, and many custom models, of LLER to MSFS. The scenery also includes GSX profile with separated walk in gates to arrival and departure, release point and animated walking people inside the terminal

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