Pilot Experience Sim – Montpellier LFMT MSFS V2 Free Update

Pilot Experience Sim is thrilled to announce the release of Montpellier LFMT for MSFS version 2, a significant update that comes free of charge for existing users. This update elevates the airport to a much higher standard, showcasing the dedication of the developers to enhance the user experience.

The French airport of Montpellier LFMT by Pilot Experience Sim, initially released at the beginning of MSFS2020, has undergone extensive improvements, bringing it up to date with the latest tools and performance capabilities in 2023. Users can now enjoy a visually stunning airport with high-quality details, especially during night-time, thanks to the inclusion of custom jetways, 3D people, updated terminal night textures, and various other enhancements.

The changelog for version 2.0 highlights the comprehensive work invested in refining Montpellier LFMT. From the addition of custom spotlights and rain/snow occluders in all interiors to the replacement of default vehicles with custom ones, the update ensures a more immersive and realistic experience. The attention to detail extends to the runway design, ground markings, and airport surfaces, creating a visually appealing and authentic representation of Montpellier LFMT. Users can expect improvements in various aspects, including updated tower models and textures, PBR enhancements, and the addition of new library objects, making Montpellier LFMT a must-have for flight simulation enthusiasts.

The update is available for SIMMARKET users via PESIM Central utility. The inclusion of custom follow-me vehicles, emergency service vehicles, and the integration of new buildings and structures further enrich the virtual environment. With a meticulous focus on detail, Montpellier LFMT for MSFS version 2 stands as a testament to Pilot Experience Sim’s commitment to providing a top-tier simulation experience for its loyal user base.


  • -Added custom jetways
  • -Added 3d peoples
  • -Updated terminal night textures
  • -Updated runway 30R design to full custom
  • -Udpated runway 30L coloration
  • -Added many custom spot lights
  • -Updated tarmac spot lights
  • -Added rain/snow occluders in all interiors
  • -Added more library objects
  • -Updated Tower model and textures
  • -Added tower interior objects and custom spot light
  • -Updated all windows textures included PBR and night effect
  • -Designed all airport surfaces included roads and car parking area
  • -Updated PBR on many custom objects
  • -Added/replaced ground service vehicles by customs
  • -Added/replaced fire fighters vehicles by customs
  • -Added/replaced avian control vehicles by customs
  • -Added static custom follow me vehicles
  • -Added custom “La poste” vehicle
  • -Added custom “Gendarmerie” vehicle
  • -Added /replaced static fuel vehicles by customs
  • -Added /replaced airport shutlle vehicle by custom
  • -Added aeroclubs library objects
  • -Added fire fighters library objetcs
  • -Added aircraft hangars library objets
  • -Added many new airports library objects and fixed some positions
  • -Updated some advertising boards by dynamic ones
  • -Updated Fuel station
  • -Updated some buildings
  • -Added terminal raised car parking object
  • -Designed new airparc one complex buildinds
  • -Designed new airparc two complex buildinds
  • -Designed new Ibis hotel
  • -Designed new NG promote building
  • -Replaced antennas by custom
  • -Updated ground markings
  • -Updated ground marking textures by custom
  • -Added many more ground tracks
  • -Fixed double windsocks
  • -Fixed 13L to 12L taxi sign error
  • -Updated all gates and parkings positions
  • -Updated / Fixed some gate types
  • -Added custom parking positions at GA area/Enac/Esma/aeroclubs and heli stations
  • -Updated static aircrafts models positions
  • -Excluded default Asobo car parking spots
  • -Excluded unwanted ORBS lights and replaced by street light objects
  • -Updated PESIM custom GSX profil
  • -Updated vegetation
  • -Added all missing fences in airport area
  • -Deleted unknow object causing an 11 object at MYNN
  • -Updated ILS 30R
  • -Added golden star on airport map
  • -Updated Microsoft market place data
  • -Updated user manual
  • -Updated with new setup generation for PESIM system users (no need PESIM Locator)

You can update online from PESIM Central, but before lanch MSFS ,first you need to delete a folder called :


This folder has been automatically generated by the simulator and is no longer useful, or worse, can create bugs.

That’s why we advise you to update it via the new setup.

1. Uninstall LFMT from the Windows control panel

2. delete the remaining folders in the community folder (including the famous CVT)

3. Install as administrator with the new setup V2.0.0 as usual.

Note: you no longer need PESIM Locator for LFMT, and simply target your community folder.


You will have to update our preset with last version to match LFMT V2

The preset is available in PESIM Central /Related product / Links

Or in provided files provided on your favorite resseller

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