Positive Climb – San Tomé Airport (SVST) X-Plane

San Tomé Airport (SVST) is an airport at the town of San Tomé, in the Venezuelan state of Anzoátegui. Also known as Don Edmundo Barrios Airport. Some info:

  • Runway: 1919m / 6299ft (Paved)
  • Runway: 08/26
  • Elevation: 837ft

And the software developer “Positive Climb Desing” has made a X-Plane 11/12 scenery for it. Available via simMarket. It’s a typical X-Plane scenery, and with a few nice scenery items it becomes fun to taxi after your landing. And you can practice your VOR or NDB approaches in X-Plane.

The San Tome VOR-DME (Ident: SOM) and non-directional beacon (Ident: SOM) are located on the field.


  • PBR textures Handmade
  • Ground Poly
  • Buildings faithful to the reality
  • Exclusive models for this airport based on the Real version
  • Friendly Frames
  • All airport buildings and facilitiesTrue to original navigation facilities (VOR/DME,NDB)
  • Volumetric grass and flowers
  • Using XP12’s new 3D vegetation for forests, trees and bushes for seamless integration into the environment
  • PBR-based reflective water surfaces complement missing water bodies in the simulator (newly adapted for XP12)
  • All objects included – runs without additional add-ons or libraries
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