Stream Deck – Garmin GTN750 Profile (MSFS)

From Flight Panels a fully configured software solution for the users of the hardware panel “Stream Deck” and flying with the Garmin GTN750 in your Cockpit. For this you need the extra PMS50 software. And it is recommended to go for the Stream Deck XL. With all the 32 buttons.

This i a double hardware version. But nice to see what the possibility’s are.

The driving force behind the virtual adaptation of the Garmin GTN750 is PMS50, a dedicated team of flight simulation developers who have gained recognition for their commitment to realism and attention to detail. Their GTN750 addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator has set a new standard, faithfully replicating the functionality of the real-world avionics system and is compatible with over 45 different aircraft including the Cessna 414 AW Chancellor and Airbus H145 Helicopter.

The Garmin GTN750 is a cutting-edge avionics system known for its versatility, user-friendly interface and advanced features in navigation, communication, and situational awareness. This is the Garmin GTN750 from RealsimGear:

Touchscreen, but only suitable for the Garmin GTN750 software. You could use your Stream Deck (XL) for all kind of aircraft’s and possibility’s. Even outside MSFS.

Our Garmin GTN750 Stream Deck Profile Series has been designed from the ground up, including a new installation and configuration process that brings together a total of 5 profiles containing more than 45 separate pages.

For more information and some FAQ’s see this page on simMarket.

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