FSLTL Base Models updated to V1.3.1

FSLTL Base Models 1.3.1, which is the 2023 final version, is available in FBW installer now! In the latest version, FSLTL added almost 100 liveries for B788, AT45 and AT46. VMR files for VATsim were also fully refreshed. They also improves various sounds, effects, lighting, exterior models in the latest version.

Here is the complete chagnelog:

  • Added B788 (38 liveries)
  • Added AT45 (16 liveries)
  • Added AT46 (8 liveries)
  • Almost 100 additional liveries across our existing models (over 1900 now!)
  • Refreshed .vmr file for VATSIM
  • Model changes & fixes:
    • Fixed multiple broken animations on flaps/reversers
    • Added ‘drooping elevator’ animation when parked
  • Sounds:
    • Improvements across the board for all models
    • Complete revamp of startup and shutdown sounds
    • Improvements for VR and headphone users
  • Effects:
    • Fixed effects to work better on all model LODs
    • Optimized various heat blur effects with less impact on FPS
  • Lighting:
    • Now offer the option between the faux flare and “no flare” lighting, with no flare as the default (easy manual steps to switch as needed)
    • Flash rate for nav and beacon lights are different to better match real life
    • Taxi/landing lights are now fixed to front gear as appropriate and disappear when gear is retracted
    • Some models now have logo lights on while parked to add variety at night
    • Interior lighting now have different colors
    • Exterior lighting now appear smaller at distance
    • Fixed lighting issues/conflicts on some user-controlled aircraft models
  • Wingspan:
    • Wingspan values for all models have been set to approx 10% below real life values. This helps towards working around the sim’s extra 6m diameter added to parking spots in scenery.
      • Note 1: You may notice aircraft parking in spots they did not park before, depending on scenery design. To fully take advantage of this wingspan reduction, matching changes to scenery parking may be needed. (Scenery Devs: feel free to contact the FSLTL team for details if needed)
      • Note 2: Because the wingspan values for a particular aircraft type may not match the wingspan of that same aircraft type from other sources, you may notice parking differences between FSLTL models and others
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