FSX3D – Gap Tallard LFNA X-Plane 12

FSX3D presents Gap Tallard LFNA scenery for X-Plane 12, now available at SIMMARKET. This detailed rendition captures the essence of this small aerodrome situated in the Hautes-Alpes region of France. Open to public air traffic, the aerodrome serves as a hub for various leisure activities, including light aviation, gliding, helicopter operations, skydiving, and ballooning.

Its rich history dates back to the 1930s, with notable developments during the Second World War and subsequent expansions in the 1970s. The scenery encompasses the unique topography of the aerodrome, situated in an alluvial plain at the confluence of the Durance and Rousine rivers. Four runways, including a bitumen track, a grass track for gliders and paratroopers, and a mini asphalt track for microlights and gliders, offer diverse landing options. The aerodrome features a flight information service (AFIS) and an automatic broadcast service (ATIS), contributing to the overall realism. Additionally, the western part of the aerodrome is reserved for skydiving, with a dedicated landing area and airspace.

FSX3D’s Gap Tallard LFNA scenery boasts impressive features, including ground photoreal textures, PBR (Physically Based Rendering) on all objects, ambient occlusion effects for both objects and the ground, realistic wet track effects, and dynamic lighting. This comprehensive simulation package brings to life the vibrant air sports activities that characterize Gap-Tallard, making it a must-have for X-Plane 12 enthusiasts.

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