Navigraph – AIRAC Cycle 2313 & simBrief

2 day’s ago there was the new AIRAC Cycle 2313. The new navigation database for the serious flightsimmer. Off course available via your subscription at Navigraph.
But there is more news:

SimBrief Dispatch v2.19.0 – Discover the Latest Enhancements.

Airlines must refine their route structures to identify the most efficient routing, minimizing fuel consumption. As virtual aviators utilizing SimBrief, we now have the capability to generate various routes and determine the optimal one, thanks to recent updates to the SimBrief platform.

In this blog post, we’ll cover the latest SimBrief updates as its dispatch system has been upgraded to version 2.19.0, including:

  • The ability to preview and compare different flight options before generating.
  • The addition of runways and wind components to airport weather pop-ups.
  • A new SIGMETs weather overlay for the interactive map.
  • A new ETOPS threshold option.

SimBrief Dispatch v2.19.0 – Calculate and Compare

With the SimBrief update v2.19.0, clicking the “Calculate & Compare” button will calculate a preliminary flight plan using your current flight options. This can be useful if you would like to preview your estimated time enroute or fuel burn without needing to generate an entire briefing package.

This feature also lets you compare different sets of flight options. If more than one set of options has been calculated, the first one will be placed in the top slot, and any subsequent calculations will be listed below it. The resulting differences between the initial calculation and each subsequent calculation will be shown in green or red.

Read more about this at the new blog page of simBrief.

Dive Deeper with Our User Guide

Discovering the full potential of SimBrief’s Dispatch v2.19.0’s powerful features has never been easier. Comprehensive instructions on utilizing the SimBrief features are available in the SimBrief User Guide. It’s your go-to resource for insights into the functionalities, ensuring a realistic flight planning experience.

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