Prepar3D – v6.1 is Already Available

A newsitem of Prepar3D from December 19, 2023. The wait is over! The latest version of Prepar3D is finally here! Get your hands on the most advanced flight simulation software available – Prepar3D version 6.1. Upgrade now to enjoy the latest features and enhancements. Don’t wait! Take your virtual flying experience to new heights with Prepar3D v6.1! If you are using the auto updater to update to v6.1, make sure that version 6.0.36 is installed, otherwise a manual update to v6.1 will be required.

Prepar3D’s latest release, version 6.1, offers several exciting new features and enhancements to improve the simulation platform’s overall experience. With support for Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) and FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR2), this version enables better graphics performance. Moreover, this version includes several new anti-aliasing features such as Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing (DLAA), improved Temporal Anti-Aliasing (TAA), and Contrast Adaptive Sharpening (CAS) that will significantly enhance image quality and clarity. To create a more realistic environment, Screen Space Reflections (SSR) have been introduced to improve reflective surfaces’ detail and realism. This version also includes high-detail 3D models for many tree models that support both wind and precipitation effects, making the simulation more immersive. The Prepar3D Development Team have also made various performance improvements across different systems, including rendering and vegetation, to better support higher-fidelity training scenarios. Furthermore, this version’s patch installation speed has been improved, making it easier and quicker to download and install updates.

Read more about all the New Features here. And remember there is stil a lot of software available for version 6 via simMarket.

To install Prepar3D v6.1 run Setup_Prepar3D.exe or follow the instructions is auto updating enabled.

To install future updates to Prepar3D v6 follow the instructions in the application if automatic update notifications are enabled. Additionally future patches will also be available in the downloads page to download and install manually. Update files can be ran without requiring Prepar3D v6 to be uninstalled beforehand. Simply run the Prepar3D_v6_VERSION_Patch.exe file to seamlessly update Prepar3D v6 to the latest version. Refer to the Prepar3D v6 Download and Installation Instructions for more information.

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