Kiss Simulation – LQSA Sarajevo International Airport MSFS

Kiss Simulation presents the highly anticipated LQSA Sarajevo International Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator, available for purchase on SIMMARKET. Known for its challenging approach, this airport gained fame during the Bosnia war and is nestled in a valley surrounded by towering mountains. Pilots will face a demanding flying experience, requiring precision during approaches, especially given the tricky go-arounds inherent in this unique location.

Since its public opening in 1969, Sarajevo International Airport has seen steady growth, hosting 1.3 million passengers in 2022. The scenery package by Kiss Simulation brings a realistic portrayal of the airport, featuring accurate runway length and profile, adjusted field height, and a true-to-life ILS approach angle matching 3.2°. The package also includes additional airport objects for enhanced visual references, such as RVR equipment and ILS antennas. The attention to detail extends to custom animated runway guard lights, a new build terminal extension, and a range of custom-designed ground vehicles, including fuel trucks and stair trucks. The taxiway and runway layouts have been updated to match the real-world configuration, along with custom weathering for added authenticity.

This product, utilizing SIMMARKET simInstaller technology, offers a seamless experience for users, available exclusively through the store APP after purchase. Elevate your flight simulation experience with the breathtaking challenges and detailed features of Sarajevo International Airport by Kiss Simulation.

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