MobiFlight – Release version 10.1

With the software from MobiFlight and some hardware, for example a Arduino and a lot of switches, rotary, display’s you can make your own cockpit configuration.

And now v10.1!!! – The new MobiFlight now supports Community Boards and sees 3 partners who have onboarded their devices to the MobiFlight ecosystem! Learn more about in the video:

New Feature

  • All boards – Increase max number of devices for all types by @elral in #1503
  • UI: Custom Board & Community integration by @DocMoebiuz in #1507
  • Add board type information to mfmc file by @DocMoebiuz in #1530
  • Config references can be used with new test mode by @DocMoebiuz in #1539
  • Use latest KAVsimulation displays by @elral in #1542
  • Add possibility to exclude single joysticks or midi devices by @Koseng in #1555
  • Test output directly from configuration overview by @DocMoebiuz in #1570
  • Add community files for CoreFlightTech devices by @DocMoebiuz in #1572
  • Update community files for miniFCU 1.0.0 by @DocMoebiuz in #1597

Please see the complete release notes on GitHub at:

released: 14.01.2024

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