SIMMARKET Sponsors VATSIM Cross Africa Northbound Jan 20th 2024 – SALES

After the resounding success of the Southbound edition, VATSSA, Maghreb vACC, and Egypt vACC are excited to present the Northbound edition of Cross Africa on January 20th, 2024. This thrilling event invites virtual pilots from around the world to embark on a unique journey across the African skies. Whether choosing the extended route from Johannesburg to Casablanca or Cairo, or opting for mid-haul flights connecting Dar es Salaam with Cairo or Abuja with Casablanca, participants have the freedom to select their preferred adventure.

In a generous show of support for the Cross Africa event, SIMMARKET is delighted to sponsor virtual pilots with vouchers. These vouchers will be available to participants during the VATSIM event on Saturday, January 20th, 2024. As a renowned marketplace for flight simulation enthusiasts, SIMMARKET is making it even more enticing for virtual aviators to join the Cross Africa Northbound adventure.

To enhance the excitement surrounding the event, SIMMARKET is offering special sales throughout the weekend and the following days. These sales provide an excellent opportunity for the flight simulation community to not only save money but also explore stunning airport scenery designed for MSFS, P3D, or X-Plane, specifically tailored to showcase the diverse and captivating landscapes of the African continent. As virtual pilots take to the skies for the Cross Africa Northbound event, SIMMARKET’s sponsorship and sales create an immersive and cost-effective experience for the entire flight sim community.


Aerosoft 25% OFF MSFS P3D XP Airpots in Africa Dakar, Cape Town, Sharm El-Sheikh, Mayotte, Nosy Be Island, Seychelles and many more until January 28th

NetDesign 20% OFF MSFS Airports in Algeria DATG Guezam and DAAT Tamanrasset until January 22nd

Gaffer Simulations 20% OFF MSFS P3D South African sceneries including O.R. Tambo FAOR, Lanseria, King Shaka Intl Durban until January 31st

NMG Simulations 30% OFF MSFS Cape Town FACT, Johannesburg FAOR and King Shaka FALE until January 22nd

FSXcenery 35% OFF MSFS P3D FSX sceneries collection with numerous airports in Africa including HTDA Dar Es Salam Tanzania MSFS and DNAA Nnamdi ZAzikiwe Intl MSFS until January 22nd

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