[Video­čÄČ] MI17-V5 Helicopter MSFS by Cera SimAircraft – New Trailer 4K by SIMMARKET

Introducing CERA SIM MI17-V5 for Microsoft Flight Simulator at SIMMARKET! Experience the power and versatility of the Mi-17V-5, a true workhorse of the skies. With its robust capabilities, this helicopter is ideal for various missions, including passenger transport, troop transport, fire support, and search-and-rescue operations.

Powered by Klimov VK2500 engines delivering 2,700 hp each, the Mi-17V-5 can carry up to 36 passengers or 8800 lbs. of cargo. Its advanced avionics and HD textures ensure a realistic and immersive flying experience. Choose from three exterior models, each with distinct features like Armor protection and weapon stores.

This aircraft comes with a fully clickable 3D virtual cockpit, 3D gauges, and a Voice Warning System for an authentic piloting experience. With 12 liveries, a paint kit, and tablet animation control, you have the flexibility to customize your helicopter.

Explore the additional animations, including wipers, sliding doors, cargo ramp, hoist rescue, and more. The Mi-17V-5 also features realistic audio and rotor sounds, rain texture effects, and separate switchable cabin lights.

Whether you’re transporting passengers, conducting search-and-rescue missions, or providing fire support, the CERA SIM MI17-V5 is your go-to helicopter for the most demanding challenges. Get ready to soar with this incredible aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator!

Features :

  • Three exterior models: Civil, Armor, Armor – Weapon Stores.
  • Full PBR Materials and HD textures for interior and exterior.
  • Paint kit included.
  • 12 liveries for customization.
  • Fully clickable 3D virtual cockpit.
  • Realistic 3D gauges.
  • Fully simulated Voice Warning System.
  • Immersive audio and rotor sounds (Wwise).
  • Tablet animation control, with cold and dark, and ready-to-fly options.
  • Default GPS AS530.
  • Additional animations: Wipers, fan pilot/copilot, sliding doors, cargo ramp, hoist rescue, and more.
  • Various options like hide cargo ramp and jettison pilot’s sliding windows.
  • Dynamic animations for main and tail rotors.
  • Lights control: navigation, anti-collision, landing, and search lights.
  • Separate switch for dimming cabin lights.
  • Realistic rain texture effects.

Featured airports :


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