BeyondATC – Traffic Injection v2 Preview Video

Since the incorporation of traffic injection and direct control into the BeyondATC app for Microsoft Flight Simulator, their development team has been tirelessly working on enhancing both the main application and the injector component. With the program now bifurcated into two crucial aspects – one handling ATC, communications, and procedural aspects, and the other serving as a sophisticated injector – BeyondATC has embarked on a revolutionary approach to traffic simulation. Unlike conventional traffic injectors, they’ve chosen to take the road less traveled, opting for a method that involves the meticulous calculation of various parameters for each aircraft in the simulation environment. This approach, while challenging, offers them unparalleled control, eliminating issues such as planes spinning in circles or traversing grassy terrains.

The Initial Strides:

Their journey into traffic injection began with a demonstration video showcasing their capability to seamlessly introduce planes into the simulator and ensure they navigate taxiways without colliding – a feat that posed its own set of challenges. However, this initial foray laid the foundation for their subsequent endeavors, setting the stage for a groundbreaking advancement in airport simulation.

The Power of Direct Aircraft Control:

BeyondATC’s commitment to realism shines through in their latest video, where they unveil the proprietary traffic injection engine. By opting for direct control over aircraft, they’ve unlocked the potential for a far more authentic airport simulation experience. The decision to calculate and manage aircraft positions, speeds, angles, intents, actions, flight context, and communications using a local 3D engine behind the BeyondATC user interface has proven to be instrumental in achieving this goal.

A Glimpse into the Future:

The showcased video is a testament to the extensive efforts put forth by the entire BeyondATC team. Witness the culmination of hard work, dedication, and innovation as they present a simulation environment where AI traffic seamlessly integrates with the same system that players use for ATC communication and procedural control. This convergence promises a more cohesive and realistic virtual aviation experience.

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