Passenger2 for MSFS XP P3D FSX – Released at SIMMARKET

Passenger2 is an innovative and immersive real-time passenger and crew simulation application designed for Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane (v11/v12), Prepar3d (v1-v5), and FSX. This dynamic tool offers users the opportunity to create, manage, and expand their virtual airline, complete with the ability to purchase and sell aircraft, manage ground handling contracts, and even oversee in-flight catering services.

The application’s realism shines through realistic crew interactions, allowing pilots to communicate with the flight manager through the interphone and receive updates from the crew during the flight. One of the standout features of Passenger2 is its commitment to authenticity, evident in its realistic announcements that adhere to real-world airline standards. The application introduces a comprehensive range of industry-standard announcements with added multilingual support, complemented by airline sound packs for a lifelike experience.

The focus on realism extends to the management of emergencies and random events, such as dealing with drunk passengers or handling in-flight incidents, requiring pilots to undertake real emergency procedures to maintain their airline’s reputation. With a variety of features including detailed flight reports, realistic seat maps, live pricing control, and the ability to create subsidiaries, Passenger2 offers a robust and engaging simulation experience for both aspiring airline managers and virtual pilots.

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