FlightSim Soft – E-Jets 170/175 and 190/195 MSFS – Recent Updates to v0.9.24

FlightSim Soft has recently released a significant update, version 0.9.24, for their E-Jets 170/175 and 190/195 aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS). This update brings a multitude of bug fixes, improvements, and new features to enhance the overall virtual flying experience. Notable bug fixes include addressing issues related to automatic switches, default values, and trim aural warning logic. The team has also focused on visual and auditory enhancements, introducing new cockpit textures, improved cockpit lights, and refined elements like screen glow and engine tune to create a more immersive atmosphere in the virtual cockpit.

In addition to bug fixes and visual improvements, FlightSim Soft has paid attention to the logic and realism of the E-Jets series. APP mode logic has been updated, and landing Vspeed values have been adjusted for more accuracy. The MCDU FLT PLAN logic has seen improvements for smoother flight planning, and updates to the MFD’s Drift Bug logic and MCDU’s Delete behavior enhance overall usability. The team has introduced exciting new features, including the migration of the audio panel to WebAssembly (WASM) architecture, a new popup for handling WASM crashes, the addition of the FinnAir language pack, and new liveries for the E190. A captivating Wing Cloud effect has also been added to enrich the visual experience during flight.

FlightSim Soft’s commitment to excellence is evident in the v0.9.24 update, showcasing their dedication to providing virtual pilots with a more realistic and enjoyable journey through the skies. With an extensive list of bug fixes, improvements, and new features, users can anticipate an elevated and enriched virtual aviation experience as the team continues to iterate and enhance their products in the future.

Changelog v0.9.24:

Bug Fixes:

  • Added missing shortcuts on Perf page 3/3.
  • Fixed MCDU scratchpad bug when entering Cruise page values.
  • Fixed EFB Loadsheet Pax Zone B limit.
  • Fixed Cockpit noise still heard when tabbed out.
  • Fixed Simbrief data handling.
  • Fixed wrong EFB Manifest weight after import.
  • [E19x] Update default flap selection.
  • [E19x] Fixed wrong reference used for trim calculation.
  • [E19x] Engine variant on EFB incorrect.
  • [E190] Fix Qantas Link livery.


  • MCDU FLT PLAN logic updated.
  • MFD: Drift Bug logic updated.
  • MCDU: Logic for Delete behavior updated.

Changelog v0.9.23:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed automatic switch to mach on the speed tape.
  • Update default MIN to BARO.
  • Update GPWS precision below 50 feet.
  • Trim aural warning logic fixed. Adjusted repeat timing.
  • E170 engine exhaust effect updated.
  • APP mode logic updated.
  • Update E19x default trim value.
  • E190/195: Adjust landing Vspeed values.
  • Fixed incorrect Bleed decals.
  • Fixed control surface fillings.
  • Fixed Flight ID writing color in MCDU.
  • Fixed TA/RA – STBY switching logic in MCDU.
  • Fixed Temp number format in MCDU Prog page.
  • Fixed E195 bad rotation and climb out logic.
  • Fix CB layout.


  • New Cockpit Textures.
  • Cockpit lights improved.
  • Improve Green Dot logic with Flap Extension/Retraction.
  • PFD: Speed and Altitude bug direction.
  • HSI and Distance PFD logic improved.
  • Screen glow and brightness tuned.
  • APU exhaust fx improved.
  • Engine tune improved.
  • Landing gear down icon improved.
  • Cockpit decals improved.
  • N1 sounds frequency improved.
  • Warn and Caut button looks improved.
  • Screen brightness initial value adjusted.
  • Green dot calculation logic at higher altitude improved.
  • Update GPWS volume.
  • Updated gear lever up duration.
  • Added auto close logic to guarded switches.
  • Improved strobe lights volumetric effects.
  • Updated the PFD cursor design.
  • Improved cabin window rain effect.
  • Improved GS tracking precision.
  • Improved pages logic in MCDU.
  • Improved A/T engage sound logic.
  • Added Printer Module to E19x cockpit.
  • Added new Ground Objects: E19x Engine covers.

New Features:

  • Audio panel migration to WASM architecture.
  • Added new popup for WASM crashes.
  • E19x Added FinnAir language Pack.
  • E190: Added new liveries.
  • Added Wing Cloud effect.

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