SimWorks Studios – MSFS PC-12/47 Next Update and RV-8 Project News

The prominent developer in the flight simulation community, SimWorks Studios, has recently provided exciting updates on both the PC-12 for Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) and the progress of their upcoming RV-8 project. These updates promise enhancements to flight dynamics, systems, avionics, and exterior models, showcasing the studio’s commitment to delivering a realistic and immersive experience for virtual pilots.

PC-12/47 MSFS Update Highlights:

The forthcoming update for the PC-12 in MSFS brings several key improvements, starting with a flight model update. Virtual pilots can anticipate a longer take-off roll and time to climb, providing a more realistic experience during departure and ascent. Notably, the adjustments aim to make the aircraft easier to control around the yaw axis, with more responsive pedals and a reduction in excessive crabbing attributed to trim settings.

In addition to refining the flight dynamics, the update addresses system-related aspects. The yaw damper, an essential component for maintaining stable flight, will be re-tuned to align with the new flight model and resolve any pending bugs. SimWorks Studios is also actively engaged in re-factoring the Electronic Flight Information System (EFIS) code, enhancing the avionics functionality. This re-factoring not only makes it more manageable on the development side but also contributes to a smoother user experience by minimizing the likelihood of bugs.

The exterior model of the PC-12 is not overlooked, with corrections being made to elements such as the right exhaust and the visibility of the idle propeller. Furthermore, the studio is implementing additional Level of Detail (LOD) models, optimizing performance by adjusting the aircraft’s detail level based on its distance from the virtual pilot’s viewpoint.

RV-8 Project Progress:

SimWorks Studios is not only focusing on the PC-12 but is also actively developing the RV-8 for MSFS. The RV-8, known for its agility and sporty characteristics, has undergone significant improvements in flight handling. The development team has fine-tuned the aircraft’s dynamics, enhancing its responsiveness and overall behavior.

The current focus of the RV-8 project is on optimizing engine performance. The aircraft’s cruising speed is being addressed to ensure it aligns with real-world specifications and offers a faithful representation of the RV-8’s capabilities. SimAcoustics, a specialist in audio design for flight simulation, is set to commence work on the RV-8 next week, adding another layer of realism to the aircraft’s soundscape.

Excitingly, SimWorks Studios anticipates the RV-8 project to be completed in February. With continuous refinements and attention to detail, the RV-8 in MSFS is poised to deliver an exhilarating and authentic flying experience for virtual pilots.

Source : SimWorks Studios Facebook post

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