MXI Design – LUKK Chisinau Int. Airport MSFS

You are invited to visit the charm and authenticity of Chișinău International Airport (LUKK) in Microsoft Flight Simulator world with the MXI Design – LUKK Chisinau Int. Airport scenery, now available on SIMMARKET. Moldova’s primary international gateway comes to life with meticulously crafted 3D models of the terminal and airport buildings, reflecting the unique architectural style of the region.

The recent update to IATA airport code RMO adds a touch of realism to your virtual flights, aligning with the airport’s true identity as the hub of Air Moldova.

The attention to detail extends to the ground polygons and markings, offering an immersive experience on the tarmac. The inclusion of a basic terminal interior model adds depth to your virtual exploration. Custom parking positions, accurately matching real-life layouts, enhance the overall realism of your airport operations. The surrounding area is adorned with custom models, animated flags, and even 3D passengers, creating a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere around Chișinău International Airport.

MXI Design ensures a visually stunning and technically advanced experience with PBR implementation for all models and custom CGL Aerial Imagery. The product’s SIMMARKET simInstaller technology ensures seamless installation and access via the store APP. With this finely crafted rendition of Chișinău International Airport, capture the essence of Moldova’s aviation hub in the heart of Eastern Europe.

💻 With Siminstaller = MSFS Auto-Install and Auto-Update via SIMMARKET app

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