SimNord – EKSB Sønderborg Airport MSFS

SimNord presents EKSB Sønderborg Airport, a detailed depiction of Sønderborg Airport (EKSB, SGD) situated on the picturesque island of Als in Southern Jutland, Denmark. This stunning package for Microsoft Flight Simulator brings to life the charm and details of the airport, offering aviation enthusiasts an immersive experience with the addition of a few landmarks.

Not only does EKSB Sønderborg Airport capture the essence of the airport itself, but SimNord goes above and beyond by including three prominent points of interest (POIs) within the city of Sønderborg. These iconic landmarks – Dybbøl Mill, Alssund Bridge, and Sønderborg Castle – further enhance the overall flying experience, providing virtual pilots with a visually captivating and authentic representation of the surrounding area. The inclusion of these POIs adds an extra layer of depth and exploration for those navigating the virtual skies over Southern Jutland.

Whether you’re a virtual pilot fan of detailed airfields or a demanding flight simulation enthusiast for Nordic sceneries, EKSB Sønderborg Airport by SimNord is a recommended addition to your MSFS collection, offering a seamless blend of accuracy, detail, and aesthetic appeal.

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