Cockspur – PH100 MSFS Update v1.0.5

Cockspur’s PH100 MSFS receives a significant upgrade with the release of version 1.0.5, addressing several key aspects to enhance the overall flight experience. Notable improvements include an updated flight model to reduce floating, brand-new cameras curated by Drew Bolton, and the addition of a default VR view. Vspeeds on the speedtape have been fixed, loading trivia corrected, and LOD issues resolved. The TO CONFIG button functionality has been added, and dynamic increments to the autopilot altitude select knob contribute to smoother control. The ELT switch direction is now accurate, and the SAI now operates on automatic brightness for improved night flying.

The update also focuses on the cockpit and exterior elements, featuring new G1000 reflections and fingerprints, clickable TOGA buttons on the throttles, increased volume and adjusted positioning of exterior GPU sound to better align with the actual GPU. Numerous cockpit textures have been updated for a more immersive experience. Bugs like engine ignition getting stuck on the second leg and FADEC logic issues have been fixed. The FADEC has become more aggressive in hitting thrust targets, aiming to provide a more responsive and precise flying experience.

Additionally, the update incorporates suggestions from the community, such as James M’s input on FADEC region marks for easier achievement of full-rated thrust without excessive adjustments. With an updated Navigraph NXi plugin, localization improvements, and the addition of an in-game checklist, Cockspur’s PH100 MSFS v1.0.5 offers a comprehensive package of enhancements for virtual aviators.

Changelog version 1.0.5

  • Updated flight model to decrease the floating
  • Brand new cameras, including default VR view, by Drew Bolton
  • Vspeeds on speedtape, fixed
  • Corrected loading trivia
  • LOD issue fixed
  • Added TO CONFIG button functionality
  • Added dynamic increments to autopilot altitude select knob
  • ELT Switch direction corrected
  • SAI now on an automatic brightness for better night flying
  • New G1000 reflectiions and fingerprints
  • TOGA button clickable on the throttles
  • Increased volume of exterior GPU sound
  • Changed position of exterior GPU sound to better coincide with the actual GPU
  • Many updated cockpit textures
  • Fixed bug where engine ignition would get stuck on the second leg
  • Fixed a bug in the FADEC logic that uses static air temperature for engine reference during the takeoff roll and ram air temperature once airborne. The old logic was incorrect and caused an abrupt drop in thrust at some temps. This should be fixed
  • Incorporated James M’s suggestion from the main discord. There is now a region at and just below each thrust mode mark where the FADEC will command full rated thrust for that mode (CRZ, CON/CLB, etc). So it should be easier to achieve the full rated thrust without spending a while fiddling with the levers
  • Made the FADEC more aggressive at hitting the thrust targets. This is the biggest one I need feedback on. It is much less prone to lagging below target now, but it can also overshoot the target on some occasions
  • Updated Navigraph NXi plugin
  • Updated localization
  • Added ingame checklist
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