iniBuilds – Aurascenery Aberdeen EGPD MSFS

Explore the vibrant Scottish city of Aberdeen with iniBuilds‘ latest release, Aurascenery Aberdeen EGPD for Microsoft Flight Simulator, available on SIMMARKET. It is located just seven miles from the city center that is reproduced with over 100 detailed buildings, high-quality apron textures, and realistic night lighting.

The airport serves as a key gateway to northeastern Scotland, offering modern amenities, convenient transportation options, and a wide-ranging route network connecting passengers to major cities across the UK, Europe, and beyond.

Immerse yourself in the rich history and natural beauty of the region, from the North Sea shores to Cairngorms National Park. With a commitment to environmental sustainability, Aberdeen Airport minimizes its impact while providing a positive travel experience. Whether you’re flying for business or leisure, iniBuilds invites you to experience Scottish hospitality and create unforgettable memories. The product features SIMMARKET simInstaller technology for easy installation, and it’s accessible via the store APP only. Don’t miss the chance to enhance your Microsoft Flight Simulator experience with this highly optimized and visually stunning rendition of Aberdeen International Airport.

💻 With Siminstaller = MSFS Auto-Install and Auto-Update via SIMMARKET app

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