Azrsim – Tripoli Intl. Airport (HLLT) MSFS

Experience the bustling hub of North Africa with Azrsim’s stunning rendition of Tripoli International Airport (HLLT) for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Immerse yourself in the heart of Libya’s capital city with this meticulously crafted scenery, bringing the airport to life with unparalleled detail and accuracy. Also available via simMarket, and see this link for more screenshots. It looks like a simple scenery, but there is more to see when you zoom in.


  • Authentic Recreation: Azrsim has spared no detail in faithfully recreating Tripoli International Airport, capturing its unique architecture and layout to provide an immersive experience for virtual pilots.
  • High-Quality Textures: From the runways to the terminals, every surface has been meticulously textured to provide a realistic and visually stunning airport environment. Dynamic lighting enhances the atmosphere, especially during dawn and dusk flights.
  • Realistic Ground Services: Watch as ground crews go about their tasks with precision, from baggage handling to fueling operations. Ground vehicles move realistically, adding to the sense of a living airport.
  • Optimized Performance: Azrsim has optimized this scenery for performance without compromising on visual fidelity. Whether you’re flying a small prop or a jumbo jet, expect smooth frame rates and an enjoyable experience.
  • Enhanced Surroundings: The airport isn’t just an isolated island; Azrsim has also enhanced the surrounding areas, including custom autogen buildings and vegetation to create a seamless blend with the cityscape of Tripoli.
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