New Age Scenery – Airport Maj. Brig. Dorgal Borges MSFS (SBBQ Brazil)

Welcome to the captivating charm of Barbacena Airport (SBBQ) with the newly released scenery for MSFS, available on SIMMARKET and designed by New Age Scenery. Nestled in the picturesque rural area of Barbacena, Minas Gerais, this airport serves a crucial role as the support hub for the Preparatory School of Air Cadets, an esteemed institution of the Brazilian Air Force.

Under the vigilant watch of GSD-BQ, the airport ensures both security and defense, while medical care for the troops is efficiently handled by GSAU-BQ. Beyond its military operations, Barbacena Airport also plays host to a variety of aeronautical events, contributing significantly to the advancement and promotion of aviation in the Campo das Vertentes region. The detailed and immersive scenery provided by SIMMARKET simInstaller technology allows aviation enthusiasts to explore and relish the unique atmosphere of this essential Brazilian airfield.

Unlock the mysteries of the Campo das Vertentes region as you soar through the virtual skies with Barbacena Airport scenery. Immerse yourself in the rich history and functionality of this airport, with a focus on supporting both military and civilian operations. This meticulously crafted product not only showcases the airport’s strategic importance but also highlights its role as a vibrant center for aeronautical events, fostering the growth and enthusiasm of aviation in the southern region of Minas Gerais. Elevate your flight simulation experience with the Barbacena Airport scenery, available for purchase through SIMMARKET‘s user-friendly store APP, ensuring seamless installation and immediate access to this exciting addition to your MSFS world.

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