Fenix – A320 MSFS Version 2 Block 2 is Out

Fenix has released Version 2 Block 2 (V2B2) for their A320 in Microsoft Flight Simulator. This update brings various enhancements, including changes to sensitivity settings, realistic PED DISC functionality, brake adjustments, and improvements to the VNAV system. Users are advised to refer to the quick start guide for essential information. Notably, liveries painted for previous versions won’t work with V2B2 due to new 3D art, and users are encouraged to restart their PC after installing the update.

The changelog for V2.0.0.378 outlines numerous updates and fixes across different aspects of the aircraft, including the launcher, systems, displays, art and sound, EFB, and more. Some highlights include improvements to idle descent calculations, realistic engine behavior, integration with GSX, and the addition of an opt-in automatic crash reporting function. The developers acknowledge potential challenges during the initial release, urging users to wait for the dust to settle before updating, especially for those with limited flying time.

The update introduces significant changes in both functionality and aesthetics, aiming to provide a more realistic and immersive experience for users. Alongside the detailed changelog, the developers express gratitude to users for their support and patience during the extensive development process, anticipating some adjustments may be needed as the update rolls out globally.

Read the complete changelog by clicking here.

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