IndiaFoxtEcho – Tornado MSFS Project News

IndiaFoxtEcho has provided an update on their Tornado project for Microsoft Flight Simulator, expressing gratitude to their testers, including former Tornado pilots and technicians, for their valuable input. Despite working intensely in recent weeks to debug and enhance the product, the developers have not yet reached the minimum quality level they have set for their products. While they are very close to meeting the target, there is still debugging work to be done, and the completion of the manual is crucial. Consequently, the Tornado will not be delivered yet for this weekend at SIMMARKET, as the developers prioritize delivering a polished and high-quality product over meeting a deadline. They anticipate the Tornado’s release shortly, with an estimated timeline of 10 working days, emphasizing their commitment to releasing it when it is truly ready.

In conclusion, IndiaFoxtEcho apologizes for the delay and emphasizes their dedication to ensuring the Tornado meets their quality standards before being released. They maintain a flexible release approach with the mantra “it is ready when it is ready” and promise to provide further updates as soon as possible.

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