Navigraph – Β TDS GTNXi Pro (MSFS)

Elevate the immersion of your simulation experience with the newly released TDS Sim Software (Link to the Facebook page) GTNXi Pro for MSFS with Navigraph integration! ✈️ This avionics unit provides you with a range of functionalities and precise navigation. The TDS GTNXi Pro Software works seamlessly with various popular add-on aircraft, and the list of supported add-ons is constantly growing!

Enhanced Situational Awareness with Jeppesen Charts πŸ—ΊοΈ

With Navigraph Charts in the TDS GTNXi Pro, you can easily reference procedure charts and airport diagrams during flight, streamlining navigation and enhancing situational awareness.

The TDS GTNXi Pro not only displays charts but also incorporates geo-referencing data where available, providing real-time aircraft positioning on the chart. An exclusive feature of the TDS GTNXi is the chart overlay on the map page, allowing you to view geo-referenced charts directly on the map. This innovative feature enhances navigation and situational awareness, offering a dynamic and comprehensive user experience.

Precise Navigation with Jeppesen Data 🌍

TDS GTNXi Pro delivers a highly detailed navigation database when powered by Jeppesen navigation data from Navigraph. To illustrate the complexity of this navigation database, executing an LPV (Localiser Performance with Vertical Guidance) approach involves extracting data from 18 fields in the Navigraph database, solely for the LPV segment. This excludes additional details like procedure legs, sourced from a separate table. The abundance of data ensures precise and accurately calculated lateral and vertical flight paths.

Keeping the TDS GTNXi Pro database up to date via Navigraph Hub guarantees access to the latest procedures, airport details, runway designators, airways, intersections, com/nav frequencies, and VORs/NDBs, making flight simulation on the TDS GTNXi a seamless and realistic endeavor.

Our Unlimited subscription allows you to access all our charts, flight planning, and navigation data services. The Navigraph features of the GTNXi are part of the Pro version, and any GTNXi customers who bought the previous base version of the GTNXi have the possibility to upgrade to the Pro version.

For a deeper dive into the TDS GTNXi Pro experience and instructions on how to get started, check out our blog post about the add-on

Happy flying! πŸ›« from the team of Navigraph.

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