Taimodels – Manchester Intl Airport MSFS

Introducing TaiModels‘ latest masterpiece, Manchester International Airport EGCC for Microsoft Flight Simulator, available now on SIMMARKET. This is an excellent add-on airport scenery that replicates the bustling hub of Manchester, England, with precision and attention to detail. Manchester Airport stands as the third busiest in the UK by passenger numbers, a testament to its importance in global air travel.

TaiModels has faithfully recreated the airport’s three passenger terminals and cargo terminal, spanning an expansive 560 hectares, making it the perfect destination for virtual pilots seeking an immersive and realistic experience.

What sets TaiModels’ Manchester Airport apart is the commitment to authenticity in every aspect of the scenery. The PBR ground markings and textures reflect the airport’s current state, ensuring a true-to-life visual experience. The handcrafted terminals, cargo buildings, and airport structures utilize MSFS PBR materials, providing a level of realism that aviation enthusiasts crave. The attention to detail extends to realistic airport lighting, well-defined taxiways and aprons, and optimized performance to cater to a wide range of system specifications. Additionally, custom jetways enhance the overall immersion, making this add-on a must-have for any virtual pilot’s collection.

TaiModels’ Manchester International Airport is not just a scenery add-on; it’s a gateway to 199 destinations, securing its position as the thirteenth busiest airport globally for total destinations served. Whether you’re an avid simulator enthusiast or a casual flyer, this release is an invitation to explore the skies and experience the charm and functionality of one of the UK’s key aviation hubs.

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