MSFS – Development Update February 29, 2024

And again on this Friday some development news from the Asobo team.

On Wednesday, they released a new beta build ( for those players enrolled in the optional Sim Update 15 (SU_15) public test. You can see the release notes on the forums here. Among other improvements, this build fixes a few known issues that were inadvertently introduced in the previous beta build, and it also has some stability enhancements.

As noted in the new Development Roadmap below, Sim Update 15 is now targeted to launch on March 26th, alongside the release of the hotly anticipated iniBuilds A320 NEO!

Our next Developer Livestream is scheduled for March 13! As always, it will be hosted on our official Twitch channel, so please follow it if you are not already to receive notifications whenever we go live.

And a new Development Roadmap:

For more information see the MSFS Development website. And also the Marketplace update.

See also this video, a nice flight in the Caribbean (World Update XVI),

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