MSFS – Development Update March 07, 2024

Yesterday they released a new beta build ( for all players enrolled in the Sim Update 15 (SU_15) beta test. You can see the Release Notes here.

And the updates to three Local Legends/Famous Flyers:

  • the Bell 47J Ranger,
  • Junkers F 13,
  • and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries MU-2.

These updates are available to download now from the in-sim Content Manager. More information about his update here.

And the next Developer Livestream is scheduled for March 13 at 10:30am PT (1730 UTC)! As always, it will be hosted on the official MSFS Twitch Channel.

More information about the Marketplace update here. And one week away from the international FSWeekend. March 16 & 17, 2024. @Airport Lelystad EHLE. iBlueYonder still working on this airport for in MSFS.

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