FlightControlReplay 5 – Next April2024 Update Revealed

The upcoming April 2024 update for FlightControlReplay 5 will introduce the ability to record and replay sessions with Dune Expansion in Microsoft Flight Simulator. This means that players will be able to accurately replay their flights with the ornithopter, complete with animated parts in their correct positions and realistic animations throughout the flight. This free update will enhance the overall experience for MSFS enthusiasts who enjoy using FlightControlReplay 5 to capture and relive their flights.

The addition of Dune Expansion to FlightControlReplay 5 demonstrates the commitment of its developer, Fabio Merlo from, by providing more addons support for original expansions of Flight Simulator for the community. By offering these updates for free, players will be able to enjoy new content that enhances their simulation experience. With FlightControlReplay 5, players can expect continued support and updates that keep pace with the latest additions to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

FlightControlReplay 5 has established itself as a valuable tool for MSFS enthusiasts who want to record and replay their flights with precision. That’s the tool you need for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepar3D V6 and V5 to be able to watch your flight performance at all phases of flights, and to enjoy the scenery with different angles of view. It’s very often used by content creators thanks to its wide selection of features, like :

  • Fly-By Camera (watch your aircraft operation like a spotter or for an in-air point of view.
  • Cinematic Replay with Automatic Cameras Switch
  • Ghost Live : formation flying live with AI duet pilot 
  • MSFS Toolbar in-sim integration
  • CUT Replay : directly in the tool, edit and remove parts of your whole recording session
  • Crash-to-desktop recovery

The upcoming April 2024 update will be free for registered customers and will further expand its capabilities, allowing players to experience the unique features of Dune Expansion in their recordings.

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Adrian Beadell
Adrian Beadell
27 days ago

It says it is compatible with FBW320 bit flaps don’t move or gear retract….

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