Fly 2 High – KRSW-Southwest Florida Intl Airport V2 MSFS

Fly 2 High – KRSW-Southwest Florida Intl Airport V2 MSFS is a detailed and accurate simulation of the bustling Southwest Florida International Airport. With hand-made ground textures, dynamically positioned airport lighting, and highly detailed models of all buildings and surroundings, this add-on provides a realistic and immersive experience for virtual pilots.

This version, V2, includes improvements such as new ground textures, additional buildings in the surrounding areas, enhancements to the main terminal, and optimized textures for improved performance.

The Southwest Florida International Airport is a major county-owned airport serving the Southwest Florida region, including popular areas such as Cape Coral-Fort Myers, Naples-Marco Island, and Punta Gorda. As the second-busiest single-runway airport in the United States, the airport sees a high volume of traffic and serves as a hub for both domestic and international flights. With over 10 million passengers served in 2022, the airport continues to grow and attract travelers from around the world.

Fly 2 High – KRSW-Southwest Florida Intl Airport V2 MSFS is designed to enhance the flying experience for virtual pilots, offering a realistic and detailed depiction of this important airport. With its accurate models, textures, and optimized performance, this add-on provides a high-quality representation of Southwest Florida International Airport for users of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Whether you are a casual flyer or a serious aviation enthusiast, this add-on is sure to elevate your virtual flying experience.

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