Aerosoft GmbH – Sim-Wings Barcelona MSFS

Aerosoft GmbH and Sim-Wings present at SIMMARKET their new Barcelona-El Prat Airport (LEBL) for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the result of a long work to design Josep Tarradellas airport. This highly detailed scenery captures the essence of one of Europe’s busiest airports, serving as a vital hub for major airlines such as Air Nostrum, Ryanair, and Vueling. With its custom aerial image, expertly color-corrected and seamlessly integrated with the simulator’s default landscape, Sim-Wings Barcelona MSFS delivers an immersive experience that mirrors the real-world counterpart with striking accuracy.

Standout features of this expansion include Aerosoft’s innovative VDGS safegate system, enhancing realism and safety during ground operations. This cutting-edge technology ensures precise guidance for aircraft parking, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the simulation experience. Additionally, Terminal T1’s recently constructed southern connection buildings and jetways are faithfully recreated, allowing pilots to navigate through the airport’s modern infrastructure with confidence. From animated jetways to static apron vehicles and dynamic night lighting, every detail contributes to the vibrant atmosphere of Barcelona-El Prat Airport.

Sim-Wings Barcelona MSFS goes beyond the airport itself, incorporating enhancements to the surrounding area such as the harbor, complete with custom objects like tanks, cranes, and vessels. Furthermore, the scenery features updated runway, taxiway, apron, and stand layouts reflecting the latest developments as of 2024. With its dedication to accuracy and attention to detail, Aerosoft’s Sim-Wings Barcelona MSFS sets a new standard for airport sceneries in Microsoft Flight Simulator, offering virtual pilots an unparalleled opportunity to explore and immerse themselves in the bustling aviation hub of Barcelona.

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