Annotations Now in Navigraph Charts

Navigraph, the flight simulation community’s trusted provider of charts, navigation data, and flight planning, is delighted to unveil another highly anticipated addition to Charts. With the introduction of Annotations, flight simmers worldwide now have access to a powerful new tool at their fingertips.

Annotating on Jeppesen Charts 

Navigraph Charts includes the Jeppesen Electronic Charts Library, covering over 7,000 airports across the globe. The new annotations feature functions on all the Jeppesen charts. Being able to annotate on Jeppesen charts greatly enhances situational awareness by allowing flight simmers to draw taxi routes and highlight important information or specific procedures directly on the chart. This enables flight simmers to stay ahead of the plane by planning interactively, reducing the workload during critical phases of flight. With annotations, flight simmers can effectively manage complex instructions and navigate with confidence.

Annotating on SimBrief Flight Plans 

The introduction of annotation capabilities on the SimBrief Operational Flight Plan (OFP) opens the door for more than the ability to highlight vital information. Now, flight simmers can intuitively plan and monitor time and fuel flow throughout their entire flight. This feature not only adds realism to the simulation experience but also streamlines the flight management process for greater efficiency and accuracy.

How to Access Annotations

Annotations in the Charts application is available on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, in browsers, and in the Charts In-Game Panel for MSFS. The feature is effortlessly accessible through a simple click on the pen icon located in the top right corner of the Charts interface. The pen icon is shown when displaying a Jeppesen Chart or when displaying a SimBrief OFP from within the Charts application. Upon activation of the feature, users are greeted with a convenient fold-out menu positioned to the left of the icon. This menu offers a diverse array of annotation options, empowering users to tailor their annotations to suit their specific needs.

With the Annotations feature, users can seamlessly scribble, create rectangles, and circles directly on the charts. Moreover, users can customize color, size, and shape of their annotations. This level of flexibility ensures that users can effectively convey information and highlight important details applicable to their flight planning process. Additional details on how the feature works, along with illustrative examples, are available in our most recent blog post.

Subscription Information

Subscriptions for Navigraph Charts are available on the Navigraph website,

Subscription Options:

  • Navigraph Unlimited Monthly 9.05 EUR
  • Navigraph Unlimited Yearly 81.64 EUR
  • Yearly Navigation Data 29.79 EUR

Prices exclude VAT, which is applied individually for EU subscribers.

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