IndiaFoxtEcho – Tornado MSFS Project News

In a recent update, the IndiaFoxtEcho team addressed the anticipation surrounding the release of the Tornado for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Acknowledging the excitement and disappointment among eager fans, they chose to provide clarity on the project’s current status. While initially gearing up for release, the team encountered significant issues during the Release Candidate test phase. These challenges included lower-than-expected fuel consumption at low altitudes and unclear feedback from the Weapons Systems Officer (WSO) actions. However, they swiftly addressed these concerns by enhancing the engine model and improving interactions with the WSO. Despite the setback, the team is committed to delivering the Tornado to eager pilots via SIMMARKET as soon as the testing phase concludes.

In addition to the Tornado updates, IndiaFoxtEcho also teased forthcoming enhancements to other aircraft, including the F-14, T-45C, and F-35, over the coming weeks. This commitment to ongoing development underscores the team’s dedication to providing a comprehensive and immersive experience for flight enthusiasts within Microsoft Flight Simulator. As they continue to refine and polish their aircraft lineup, fans can anticipate further updates and improvements that will elevate the simulation experience to new heights.

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