Fenix Simulations – A320 MSFS – Update, Flash Sale, A319/321 Expansion Info

Fenix Simulations is buzzing with activity, offering a tantalizing update on their A320 MSFS package alongside a flash sale 20% OFF. The A319/A321 expansion is nearing completion and will soon enter beta testing. The developers adds that “when the A319/A321 expansion goes live, it will do so at £39.99 incl. taxes“. To mark this milestone, they’re slashing prices on the A320 base package by 20% until Wednesday. This limited-time offer presents an excellent opportunity for aviation enthusiasts to grab hold of their meticulously crafted A320 simulation.

In addition to expansion news and the flash sale, Fenix is rolling out updates to enhance the A320 experience. Version brings optimizations across various aspects of the aircraft, from avionics and systems to art and sound. Notably, the team is addressing community feedback, fine-tuning ground effect modeling and ground friction to improve realism and handling during critical phases of flight. This commitment to refinement ensures a top-tier experience for both current and future users of their A320 MSFS package.

Fenix Simulations’ dedication to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction shines through their transparent communication and diligent development efforts. With the A319/A321 expansion on the horizon and ongoing updates to enhance performance and realism, aviation enthusiasts can anticipate an even more immersive and polished experience in the skies of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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