Gate15Scenery – Miyako Airport (ROMY) MSFS

Miyako Island, home to Miyako Airport (ROMY), is located approximately 300km southwest of Okinawa Main Island, Japan. With its abundant natural beauty and stunning beaches, Miyako Island attracts tourists not only from within Japan but also from overseas, often via Naha Airport (ROAH) on Okinawa Main Island throughout the year. And it’s now possible to visit this airport by your self in MSFS, thanks to the developer Gate 15 Scenery. More info and screenshots at simMarket.

Miyako Airport offers flights to and from Tokyo Haneda, Osaka Kansai International Airport, Okinawa Naha Airport, Tarama Airport, and Ishigaki Airport. During the high season, seasonal flights are also available from Osaka International Airport and Chubu Centrair International Airport.
Operated by Boeing 767-300, 787-800, 737-800, Airbus A321, and DHC8-Q400 aircraft, Miyako Airport is famous for its short runway of 2000 meters, which provides a thrilling takeoff experience akin to a rocket launch, delighting many passengers.

Additionally, adjacent to Miyako Island is Irabu Island, connected by Japan’s longest toll-free bridge, the Irabu Ohashi Bridge.
Irabu Island also boasts its own airport, Irabu Island Airport, meticulously detailed even in default flight simulations, providing enjoyment for many aviation enthusiasts.
So, why not enjoy the scenic beauty of such a nature-rich island, preferably from the cockpit!

And see this detail:

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