Sky-Additions – Paris-Vatry Airport (LFOK) MSFS

Experience the Paris-Vatry Airport (LFOK) in all its glory with Skyadditions’ new simulation for Microsoft Flight Simulator! And available via simMarket, and look at what price, very tempting.

Located near Paris, Paris-Vatry Airport is a major hub for cargo traffic and also offers passenger flights to various European destinations with Ryanair. This simulation allows you to discover the airport in every detail, with buildings reproduced with stunning accuracy and a realistic environment.

GSX Profile: Full integration with Ground Handling Service X (GSX) software for enhanced realism of ground operations, including aircraft towing, cargo loading, and refueling.

Realistic Parking: All airport parking areas are faithfully reproduced, with accurate ground markings and realistic aircraft placement.

Immersive Scenery: Detailed environmental elements such as hangars, warehouses, maintenance facilities, and cargo zones help bring the airport to life.

Airport Vehicles:  Fire trucks, baggage carts …
Realistic Cargo Trucks: A variety of cargo trucks

And Much More!: Many other features are waiting to be discovered ! 

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