Dave Britzius – Navigation & Deadreckoning XP12

This e-book “Pilotage & Dead Reckoning” is the first in a series designed to teach new X-Plane pilots about navigation. X-Plane is an incredibly realistic tool for learning to fly accurately.

This first book focuses on two of the essential navigation skills every pilot should master: Pilotage and Dead Reckoning. These skills are crucial as they serve as a lifeline in case GPS and radios fail.

To use this book, you only need X-Plane and a free Flight Planner/Moving map application like Little Navmap.

The book includes

  • An overview of Pilotage and Dead Reckoning,
  • Setting up Little Navmap with X-Plane,
  • Detailed explanations of MAGNETIC and TRUE bearings.
  • The book then goes on to include a flight with eight legs, teaching new aspects of Pilotage and Dead Reckoning in each leg.

Basic knowledge of school geometry and trigonometry is needed to master Dead Reckoning, but the book provides step-by-step guidance through the calculations.

Upon completing the flight, readers will have a good grasp of Pilotage and Dead Reckoning, including the impact of winds on navigation.

The PDF book has 177 pages (88 Double spreads). Download size 72MB

And i think it is also use full for other flightsimulator, like MSFS. As mentioned, it’s available via simMarket. And see also more E-books from Dave here.

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