RKsoftware – FlightSave (MSFS)

FLIGHTSAVE is a handy MSFS tool that will let you create saved Flight situations directly to the actual locations as flight markers on a map. Saved Flights with user settable titles can be initiated manually or automatically with its AutoSave function.

  • AutoSave interval is user settable.
  • Loading a Saved Flight is easily done by clicking any of the Saved Flight markers on the map.
  • FLIGHTSAVE works for all airplanes in MSFS.
  • FLIGHTSAVE also has a moving airplane symbol to tell your exact location on the map.
  • FLIGHTSAVE can run directly on top of your MSFS window or on another monitor.
  • The map is moveable and resizable.

Here a example of a flight with automatic saved points:

FLIGHTSAVE is available at simMarket for the price of 10,89 Euro.

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