HiFi Simulation – Active Sky FS Updated Build 8927

HiFi Simulation has released an official update for Active Sky FS (ASFS), build 8927. This update introduces new turbulence features, including comprehensive cloud turbulence for all cloud types and coverage in any depiction mode. The release also includes numerous other enhancements, adjustments, and fixes. The update is available for download on the HiFi Simulation downloads page, and the company has expressed gratitude to beta participants for their feedback.

Key changes in the recent updates include a reversion of a previous fix addressing delayed station updates during 30-minute cycles due to new NOAA cycle download reliability issues, with a promise to rework this fix for better stability. Additionally, the updates focus on resolving issues with excessively long METAR cycle downloads, adding more logging for troubleshooting, adjusting surface gust depiction, and modifying gust intervals for more realistic variation.

Changelog Update 061024 – B8927 (1.0.8927.989)

  • “Reverted “Fixed issue where some stations were delayed in updating during 30 minute update cycles” due to new NOAA cycle download reliability issues for some users in some regions – We will be reworking and redesigning this fix for a more stable result for all users in all regions, in a subsequent update – Thanks for your patience!”
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