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Many people reading this will be long time flight simmers who knows the ins and outs of their simulators and their favourite aircraft. If you’re in this group, you’re not really part of the target audience for Dovetail Games Flight School. But for the sake of those who are in the target audience, or those just curious, let’s take a look anyway.,8GPZ,3FDVOY,RWAF,1 After the initial delay holding up the release a while back, Dovetail Games Flight School has now been officially released on the Steam store page. You may find more information on the store page, or also on their FAQ which may be found on the DTG Flight School Facebook account. If you have already pre-ordered Flight School and have also pre-loaded it earlier then you should be good to go, and able to play it immediately. Dovetail Games have released a new video today, inclusive of in-game footage. The footage doesn’t even look that bad in my opinion. Just keep in mind the fact that you get a couple GA aircrafts, scenery by Orbx in addition to lots of other things which will keep you content for hours.. for less than £15. I’ll certainly be picking it up a bit after release.

Dovetail Games have just revealed that their upcoming product; Flight School has been delayed until the 24th May. You may find their full statement below, although they say that they have delayed the release to provide an even better, more polished experience, I still find it rather disappointing in general.,7FCN,3FDVOY,NL30,1?refnewsletter Dovetail Games have released yet another preview video today which allows you to “experience the stunning scenery of Dovetail Games Flight School in their new World Tour video”. This video in particular visits Global locations in Flight School and gives you an idea of what the ground scenery textures will look like in the upcoming product. Keep in mind that it’s still WIP and may possibly change, in addition to the fact that the sim itself is approximately £11.99 and will come inclusive of what I assume to be the amazing Orbx ground textures shown. For more information about the… A few days ago, Dovetail Games released their long awaited trailer and today they are back again with a spectacular range of previews. It’s fair to say although I wasn’t too keen on the clouds initially I think it’s starting to grow on me in addition to the fact that the ground textures look awesome. Enjoy the previews below and in case you haven’t seen the trailer yet, I’ll also link it above. Above you will find DTG’s launch trailer for Flight school. Although it’s a launch trailer, no in game content was included and the trailer shows more like the story of what you can expect. I think that it’s rather disappointing that no in game content was used, especially since simmers are somewhat optimistic to see how Dovetails first flight simulator will turn out ahead of their upcoming flight simulator which is built from the ground up. Regardless, enjoy the trailer and since there’s no in game footage present also enjoy the other linked video below that recorded by someone at i57 which happens to show…

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