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BFG GeForce GTX295 Reviewed

Hilbert Hagedoorn sent us one of his graphics cards reviews again. “….  BFG have worked their magic again and teamed up with the guys and


UK2000 Birmingham review are pleased to announce the publication of our  latest FSX product review, this time covering the UK2000 scenery of Birmingham International Airport (EGBB/BHX) in


Ian Pearson Reviews Aerosoft’s AES 2.x

As you might have noticed from recent news releases, Aerosoft’s Airport Enhancement Services (AES for short), reviewed by me here not long after its initial release,

Hardware & Cockpit

Cooler Master Review From Guru3D

The warm weather is coming, or at least that’s what forecasters are promising, so this is a good time to start thinking about cooling our

Hardware & Cockpit

More Power To Your PC

What with all the Quad Core processors, SLI installations of dual grahics cards, 1 Tb hard disks and the likes, our PC’s need more and

Hardware & Cockpit

Radeon HD4770 Review

Guru3D has looked at yet another graphics card. Hilbert Hagedoorn writes “….. Here we have another bang for buck product, a product that I like

Hardware & Cockpit

AMD Phenom Processors Reviewed

FS(X) runs mostly on processor power and thus new processors are always interesting for the flight simulator crowd. Guru3D has a look at AMD’s Phenom



Ian Pearson takes a quick look at this First Class Simulations / Abacus title: MILITARY HELICOPTERS 2. This review is accompanied by screenshots of the product,

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