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Some news for our Spanish speaking readers is that Capitan Virtual has released its Spanish manual that teaches you everything you always wanted to know for your simulated navigation. In Spanish. It is now available through the new simMarket on-line shop here.

And if you prefer heavy metal to bush planes, the second Aerosoft product new to simMarket today is Sim-Wings new Madrid Barajas scenery for MS Flight Simulator X. If you are amongst the people who already got their copy of this Spanish hub from simMarket, the even better news is that the FSX version is free! Simply log in to your account and download. For further details and to purchase if you haven’t already, see the product page, here.

simMarket has today taken delivery of not one, but two new products from Aerosoft. The first of these is one of those aircraft that spends its life flying around some of the harshest conditions on the planet – the Found Air Bush Hawk XP. Including three base models, a whole host of liveries and for Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X only, you can check out the screenshots and further details on the simMarket product page here. Happy flying!

Igor Suprunov from Russia now offers his well-known FS2004 Yak-40 in a special ‘Gold package’ on simMarket. “….. This aircraft model is available for individuals to purchase as physical product package (CD with distributive and liveries, 2 books: Flight Manual and Co-pilot’s enroute plates, 2 booklets: checklists and emergency charts). Customers who have purchased the SD-YAK-40 V2 download  version from simMarket can buy this package for EUR22 only……”.

Burkhard Renk has announced the release of the latest version of his popular “MyTraffic” AI traffic series for MS Flight Simulator X. The package, which includes over 160 models, with over 4300 liveries and millions of scheduled flights, includes support for Microsoft Windows Vista and the DX10 preview mode of FSX. For further details, screenshots and to buy the package, see the simMarket page here. UPDATE: see the offical annoucement in the MyTrafficX Forum here.

The Nemeth brothers from Hungary, reknown for their wonderfully realistic helicopters now bring you the German BO-105 for FSX. “….. The Bo 105 is a light utility helicopter system recognized around the globe for its versatility, performance and safety record. It serves in a military and civilian capacity in nations throughout the world, providing the ability to operate in many guises……”.

Experience virtual reality gaming with the VR920 video eye wear by Vuzix. That’s what you get when purchasing this kit. This head mounted display offers built-in lenses so you no longer require a separate monitor. The iWear VR920 allows you to enter virtual worlds and communicate with others as if you are really there.

FeelThere released their ‘Map!’ some time ago and it is now available on simMarket. “…. Just like the cabin screens in a real airliner’s passenger cabin MAP! will display the track of your flight. In addition, a sequence of screens shows a variety of flight information such as elapsed and remaining time, distance, altitude, wind information, and temperature (to name just a few)…..”. Interested? Check it out here at simMarket.

Aerosoft has released its Tahiti X, featuring the French Polynesian Islands for Flight Simulator X. “….. Tahiti X includes almost the complete archipelago covering 14 islands and 9 airports with a detailed mesh and many animations……”. Available now from simMarket’s on-line store.

The Urakawa Dynamic Factory has released Airport Ground Vehicles Narita 2.1. According to their product page “…… This scenery can be used with “Japanese Airports Vol.3″ released by Overland Co., Ltd. This is a program to setup the moving ground vehicles and ground staffs to the specified airport. After installation this program  you can see the moving ground vehicles….”. Available on simMarket.

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