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SkyTalkTeam offers landings assistance for FS2004 pilots with their new RealPar program. “……REALPAR is a radio-locator for landing that allows you to get voice info about plane location on approach. Data about airplane location are sent to the pilot (you) at regular time intervals. They are related to flight approach, distance to trheshold of runway, decision making height, etc. Deviation from course and glidepath will be detected by radar and informed by voder. It will be enough for using to set COM receiver frequency to PAR one…….”. Available now from simMarket.

FriendlyPanels has published yet another one of their ‘combination panels’, the latest one being for the Learjet 45 of FS2004 and FSX. “…All gauges are visible in only ONE screen (except for FMC, that requires a separate window) keeping an excellent readabilty…..”. Available here from simMarket.

Another bundle from TropicalSim. “…..This pack is for our customers who would like our bundle, but has no use for the small airports. We have selected the bigger airports, where you could as least land a Boeing 737 or other small airliner. It includes our 2 USA airports and 36 others from Brazil and the Caribbean….”. In the shop at simMarket.

TropicalSim has updated its “……complete FS2004 Brazilian scenery package, adding our latest national release: Rio de Janeiro’s Santos-Dumont airport. This pack features 49 Brazilian airports, 5 of those are also offered as a bonus gift in an FSX version….”. Purchase it now from simMarket. “…..We also remain with our tradition of offering updated bundles that has value for your money, at the price of 6-7 of our singles airport purchases. The 5 FSX airport bonus gift includes the following airports: Salvador/SBSV, Galeao/SBGL, Santos-Dumont/SBRJ, Congonhas/SBSP and Maceió/SBMO, compatible with FSX RTM, SP1 or SP2…..”.

Urakawa Dynamic Factory has now released Ground Vehichles for Kobe Airport “.This scenery can be used with “Japanese Airports Vol.8″ released by Overland Co., Ltd. This is a program to add the moving ground vehicles and ground staff to the specified airport. After installation this program you can see the animated ground vehicles and ground staff for FS2004…”. Available at simMarket. Urakawa Dynamic Factory full list of products is here.

More boxed products. Again a bunch of already well-known products but now available on a DVD so you don’t need to download any. SimMarket now sells the Rescue Pilot Mission Pack, the Airbus A400 Airlifter, VFR Real Scenery Vol 4 and the P-38 Lightning WW2 fighter. Check out the product pages on simMarket for more details.

SimMarket has added a number of German-only boxed products from Aerosoft to its shelves. Well-known titles such as the RealAir Spitfire, the box with Ultimate Terrain for FSX – Europe, or Ground EnvironmentX for USA/Canada/Alaska are now available for purchase on DVD.

Combat Planes recently published their F/A 18 Adventures (FSX Missions) for the MS Acceleration add-on pack, adding 10 extra missions to it. Areas included are Cold Lake in Alberta, Canada, and a region north of Pearl Harbor in the Pacific. Acceleration pack required. Available in German now at simMarket here.

TSS published yet another one of their sound files for FS2004. They write “…..With this soundpack,we have captured all the best soundmoments and put them together, to combine a truly stunning representation of the Boeing 757 RR…..”. This latest product is available in the simMarket shop.

Just released is Imaginesim’s latest airport for FS2004 – Atlanta Intl. KATL is the world’s busiest airport handling an incredible 90 million passengers each year. It also has more non-stop flights and serves more destinations than any other airport in the world. Availabe now from simMarket.

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