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SimulaAX – 737 PMDG Real Cockpit Sound

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httpv:// In this video, you can hear the result of what SimulaAX brings with their new soundset specially designed for the Boeing 737 NG of PMDG. They made the records in a real aircraft with a lot of cabin sounds.


Flight1 – iFly 737 NG and 747-400 v2 at simMarket

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simMarket store has something for you to spare some free time, not only for this summer but this will keep you busy for months ! The advanced simulations and beautiful airliners models of iFly and Flight1 are ready for download at your usual shop. The Boeing 747-400 v2 and the…

Hardware & Cockpit

FlightDeck Solutions 737 NG upgraded panels

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httpv:// FlightDeck Solutions are serious guys who decided to improve their 737 NG replica panels with new features and new design. This comprehensive video is perfect to introduce the updated features in 2015 of their FDS-B737NG-FBPT.


737NG Takeoff Performance Calculator

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Real life pilots of airliners almost never use full power thrust at takeoff. To reach your goal of the most realistic preflight and operation of a Boeing 737NG, you need to compute the assumed temperature with its respective de-rated thrust power. Take in account the weather conditions, your aircraft weight,…


iFly 737 with ASN Weather Radar

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As announced in past December, iFly achieved a partnership with HiFi Technologies to integrate Active Sky Next data in their Navigation Display to add a realistic weather radar as new update for the iFly 737 NG. Just note that it works only for FSX / P3D.


Just Planes Blu-Ray : Norwegian 737-800

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httpv:// Now the low cost company operates 737-800, Just Planes boards a few of them and let us enjoy their flights views on Scandinavian sceneries, cockpit preparation and checklists. This Blu-Ray features flights from three different Norwegian crews. flying in and out of Oslo, Cologne, Stockholm Arlanda, Hamburg, Rome Fiumicino…


Ariane – Boeing 737-700 X2 and liveries

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A bunch of various products titles landed at simMarket coming from Ariane Design Boeing 737-700 X2 series. The main one is the base pack, followed by optional liveries pack. Various models are included (winglets or not), with some new features like “multiple interior lighting arrangements”.


Air Austral B737-800 – Cockpit Video

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httpv:// This new cockpit video ships from Sweden (Viking Aviation) over a DVD or Blu-ray disc and features an Air Austral B737-800. Their 737 NG has the Short Landing Performance optional package and will be detailed to you by the pilots in this video.


FS2Crew news

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In the last FS2Crew December Notam, Bryan York shares informations about current projects and development. Like other companies preparing stuff around the 737 NGX, he’s waiting for PMDG Software Kit Development release to be able to end the FS2Crew 737 NGX Edition. And he’s looking for an actual A320 certified…

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