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PMDG Released the 737-800 MSFS

Now available : PMDG official website is selling the new 737-800 variant for MSFS. Similarly to the 737-700 MSFS, this model can be purchased with

PMDG – 737-600 MSFS Released

The new variant of the 737NG by PMDG for MSFS is the -600 version, it’s now available from their official website. It’s sold at USD

PMDG 737 MSFS – Update Progress

The manager of PMDG himself, Robert S. Randazzo detailed the content and areas of improvements for the future update in preparation for the 737-700 in

PMDG 737-700 MSFS Released

PMDG finally released the anticipated 737-700 for MSFS, the Early Adopter period starts, for about 24 weeks. This means that the aircraft is near to

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