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SkyHighSim announce new project

With Belgrade X now released, and as the XPlane conversion is moving along, SkyHighSim have announced next scenery project. Once again they are revisiting an

Freeware Scenery: Chilliwack (CYCW)

With today’s file library update at, a nice freeware airport from Canada was released by Daniel Louvet.  This is what he says about the

Approaching Beirut

Those of you who like to fly the not-so-common grounds will be delighted to hear that Jad Abizeid of LEBOR Simulations is working on Rafik

…and Madrid Barajas too!

And if you prefer heavy metal to bush planes, the second Aerosoft product new to simMarket today is Sim-Wings new Madrid Barajas scenery for MS

Klagenfurt Performance Fix

Johannes Kimla informs us that a performance-fix is now available for his donationware “Klagenfurt 2007” (LOWK 2007) for MSFS 2004. Users of less powerful systems

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