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Virtavia – T-28 Freeware

Virtavia considered their T-28 Trojan was not anymore of today’s standards for a payware aircraft. That’s why they have made freeware the former coach of

Flight 1 – BN2 Islander

One of the latest Flight 1 products exclusively made for FSX is the Britten Norman Islander 2. Developed by Alpnasim, the great aircraft package is

BN2 Islander by Flight1

Alphasim’s Britten Norman 2 Islander is ready and wrapped at Flight1. Described as “first flown in the 1960s, this rugged and versatile twin-engined aircraft has

Alphasim addons for free

Saturday is a nice day for presents. And you’ll need some free time to take advantage of all add-ons made freeware by Alphasim. There are

Flight1’s Britten Norman Islander

A new piston-engined aircraft developed by Alphasim for an upcoming release through Flight1 has been presented in their forum. The Flight1 standard quality should be

Partly Finished C-17 For Sale

Interesting. Nowadays you can apparently even sell stuf that’s not yet ready! Just received a note from Phil at Alphasim advertising his C-17. But he

Yak-52 From Alphasim Updated

Phil at Alphasim reports that “…… Version 1.1 of our Yak-52 is now available. The new version includes the full FSX package with 2048-res textures

AlphaSim releases the Yak-52

Phil form AlphaSim sent in this: ” The radial-engined Yak is a firm favourite with warbird enthusiasts in the GA flying club scene around the

Alphasim Releases Dauphin Helicopter

Phil over at Alphasim reports the release of a french Dauphin helicopter. “……  AlphaSim’s package includes both the earlier N1 version as well as the

AlphaSim’s HU-16B Albatross For FSX

Phil from AlphaSim reports the release of their latest product, the HU-16B Albatross flying boat. “….. The classic amphibian has been recreated with seven unique

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