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ETS2 – Road to the Black Sea DLC Preview

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Maybe SCS Software is secretly developing a new graphics engine to replace Euro Truck Simulator 2. Beside their regular DLC development, I hope they are also preparing the long term future. Meanwhile, another official map expansion will appear for ETS 2 in Eastern Europe. If you are interested, the preview…


TwoPilots Scenery Development – Burgas LBBG XP11

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Out of the capital city airport Sofia, Burgas airport (LBBG) is also important in Bulgaria to serve the holiday destination. Join the numerous European and Russian tourists going to the beaches of the Black Sea with the new scenery for X-Plane 11 designed by TwoPilots.


JustSim – Varna Bulgaria LBWN P3D4

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The Bulgarian airport near the Black Sea exists now as a P3D V4 scenery. JustSim finished the specific version that adds dynamic lights to Varna LBWN airport, the holiday destination appreciated by Bulgarians, Russians and more and more Europeans

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Justsim – Varna Bulgaria LBWN in X-Plane too

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Just as they did with their first products, Justsim adapted their latest Varna Bulgaria LBWN scenery to X-Plane 10, beside the FSX/P3D product. In Laminar Research flight simulator, the airport near the Dead Sea coast in Bulgario also gets the numerous Autogen objects, the animated ground services vehicles. Note it’s compatible with X-Life traffic.