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6MOUV Professional Trainer

Based on X-Plane10, French manufacturers 6MOUV have a range of products available, many of which have previously been delivered as EASA qualified simulators for flight

Cobra Simulation Curved Display

If you’re after a better way to view your desktop simulations – and have quite a bit of cash to spare – then the Cobra

PA-34T Simulator tickets

Pilots who want the experience of flying a full cockpit simulator, but don’t want the complexity of an airliner, may be interested in this PA-34T

Only 75.000 Euros…….

…. and you can fly your own full-motion B737 in your garden shed or bedroom ! Simaviatik from Switzerland is now offering their full 737

Prop Cockpit Trainer and GPS 5 by VR Insight

There are two new hardware products released at simMarket from VR Insight. GPS 5 “provides terrain information and terrain hazard warnings”, “completely interfaced”. With its

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