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Just Planes – Air Tindi “Ski Pilots” Bluray

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httpv:// I would put this new aviation bluray video in my personal selection. Thanks to Just Planes, here is another original production filmed in partnership with Air Tindi. This Canadian airline operates 25 aircraft for charter and freight flights in hard winter conditions… Cockpit videos include Twin Otter, Dash 7…

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New FSX freeware : Milton Shupe’s Dash 7

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Milton Shupe, Mike Kelly, and George Arana bring to the community a new freeware with a FSX native model of the Dash 7. If you’ve liked much the FS9 previous creation, this one will behave perfectly in FSX. Already tested by other fans, it looks like to work well in DirectX…


Viking Aviation DHC-7/8 videos

By 0 Viking Aviation have released a new video featuring in excess of two and a half hours of coverage for Air Kenya Express’s DASH-7 and DASH-8 turboprops. With 8 flights covered across both aircraft and numerous presentations included as well, if you want to check out some of Africa’s wildlife…